MTH Artist of the Week, Vol. 2: Rz Shahid

MTH Artist of the Week, Vol. 2: Rz Shahid

Our Artist of the Week series at Motivation to Hustle will typically spotlight a new, upcoming artist from the Twin Cities. For the inaugural installment last week, we selected all-time Minneapolis Hall of Famer Muja Messiah. This week, it’s a relatively young, rising star: Rz Shahid. 

On Friday, the 23-year-old will release Ahh Shii, his latest project. He’s clearly solidifying his craft as an MC. Over email with Motivation to Hustle, he says, “I’ve found a way to combust my thoughts, experiences, and feelings into a sonically pleasing project for the people to enjoy.” He continues, “I want you to hear what’s on my mind, feel my energy, and enjoy the vibes I provide.” 

Ahh Shii is out Friday, and you should be looking forward to it. For now, check out some of our favorite, earlier Rz Shahid tracks below.

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